Facebook Assets

Take advantage of social media to share information about canine osteoarthritis and the value of pain relief. Use the visual examples below as guides to build your post. Follow these instructions to create customized messages for your clinic's Facebook page.

Choose one of the message and image links below, then go to your Facebook feed. Download the message and image, then place both into the Create a Post area at the top of your feed.

Seasonal Posts

These posts are perfect for tying the value of DERAMAXX to the changing seasons so your canine patients can stay active throughout the year.

Downloadable Handouts

You'll find these tools helpful for educating dog owners about osteoarthritis and the value of treating the associated pain and inflammation. Click on the buttons to access and print.

Joint Illustration

Use this joint illustration to explain the progressive nature of canine osteoarthritis.



Have clients fill out this checklist to help you identify dogs that may be in pain.